A message from the SFP Steering Committee

To the lovers of justice and freedom. to the friends of Palestinian people.

If you can’t plant a tree in Palestine we will plant it in your name.


Palestinian farmers have been subjected to great loss this year, a result from the attacks by settlers burning, cutting and uprooting of olive trees. In addition to this occupation soldiers have confiscated and deprived farmers access to their lands. The losses last year were estimated at more than ten thousand olive trees.

Nablus was the most affected and the loss this means for the farmers, who rely heavily on the crop, who are losing hope. We have decided to begin a solidarity campaign with farmers helping them strengthen their steadfastness to achieve their dreams. Together we ask you to help restore the hope to the farmers by donating $10, the price of a maturing olive tree, or whatever you can afford, and we will plant it in your name.

Donations can be made by transfer to:

Beneficiaries: Hisham Jamjoum; Badia Dwaik; Ghassan Najjar (all three names should be quoted on any transfer)

To transfer in €:
Acc. No.: 901213
IBAN: PS92UBSI043109012131000010000

To transfer in $:
Acc. No.: 901213
IBAN: PS92UBSI043109012130030010000

Thank you,
SFP Steering Committee


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