15/01/14: Burin villagers prevented from completing their agricultural road by the Army

On Wednesday morning villagers from Burin, just south of Nablus, attempted to continue to create an agricultural road for farming vehicles near the illegal settlement of Bracha. The Army prevented the villagers, stating that it was a closed military zone, despite the fact the area is designated Area B under the failed Oslo Accords (giving the Palestinian Authority civil control).

The day before both settlers and the Army tried to prevent villagers from constructing the road, that would vastly improve access for farmers to their land. The villagers had remained steadfast in their determination to complete their work.

SFP is continuing to support farmers in the face of violence and Apartheid. A small part of this is planting olive trees. We ask you all to consider donating to our campaign, and help farmers stand firm against the illegal occupation of their land.

Please join and share our Facebook page, or check out our ‘events’ page on our website for more details on how to donate and to keep up-to-date on our tree planting campaign.


الاربعاء 15/1/2014 منع جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي المزراعين و مجلس قروي بورين من الاستمرار في شق الطريق الزراعية القريبة من مستوطنة براخا بحجة انها منطقة عسكرية مغلق مع العلم ان هذه المنطقة هي منطقة ( ب) خاضعة لسيطرة الفلسطينية ضمن ما يسمى باتفاقية اوسلو


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