16/01/14: Ali Shamlawi’s Court case delayed until 13 February 2014 – Free the Hares Boys

SFP understands that Ali Shamlawi’s Court hearing has been delayed until 13 February 2014. Ali was due in Salem Court today. Ali and the other boys from the village of Hares in Salfit have now been imprisoned in Israeli Apartheid jail for 10 months. Ali’s mother visited the boys this week and stated:

“I saw Ali and the other boys. and we passed your messages to them, and they were very happy that there are supporters to them, that you didn’t forget them. And they said that they will never ever forget your support and your efforts. And they hope you will still fight for their freedom. Because they know that you love peace and justice. Also, they know that you are collecting money for their daily expenses in the prison. They send their regards to all their supporters in all the world and thank you very much.”

Please keep supporting the boys and write to your representative demanding their immediate release, and the release of all Palestinian children held by Apartheid Israel.

For more details about the background to the case please checkout the Free The Hares Boys website and keep donating to the fund for the boys legal fees and expenses.



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