16/01/14: Released prisoner, Sufian Jamjoum, kidnapped from his home by Israeli Border Police

Released prisoner, Sufian Jamjoum, was kidnapped today from his home in Hebron by Apartheid Israeli Border Police. It is unknown why Sufian was arrested or where he is being held.

Sufian, 42 years old, was released 6 months ago as part of the deal to release per-Oslo Accord prisoners. Sufian was arrested in 1993 and had served 20 years in Israeli Apartheid prisons.

The deal, brokered by the Americans to restart negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, only got Israel to comply with the failed Oslo Accords in terms of pre-Oslo prisoners. Under the failed Accords all prisoners were supposed to be released. However, it was some 20 years later before this would happen. And like Sufian many prisoners face severe restrictions on their movement and arbitrary re-arrest.

There are currently over 5,500 Palestinian prisoners in Apartheid jails. SFP will continue to support prisoners until they are all released. We kindly ask our international friends to continue to write to their respective representatives demanding they act to secure Palestinian prisoners release and the end to arrests. We also ask international friends to work to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement to end Israeli Apartheid.



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