17/01/14: SFP supports Izbat at Tabib in their resistance against Apartheid

SFP joined the villagers of Izbat at Tabib today to support them in their resistance against Israeli aggression. The village has demolition orders in place for 33 of the 45 home sin the village. The villagers marched to the main road only to be faced with Israeli Army which prevented them passing and pushed and shoved the marchers.

The demonstrators remained defiant and chanted slogans of resistance towards the illegal occupation. SFP activists also began to remove a partial road block, which prevents clear access to the village.

The village has had near total ethnic cleansing orders from the Army for over ten years. In 2011 the Army demolished a home under construction, and prior to that in 2011, a animal shelter. On 27 August 2012 the last orders were issued to demolish the village school and clinic, which serves the almost 300 villagers. It was at this point that the village, in an act of defiance set up a protest tent and started to organise their resistance.

The villagers face constant harassment from the Army. That previous night the Army had come at 1:30am, not leaving until 4:00am and firing tear gas into the sleeping village.

Villages such as Izbat at Tabib face the constant threat of ethnic cleansing. SFP will continue to support all villagers in their steadfastness.

For more photos click here

IMG_5299 IMG_5181P1010555 P1010557


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