19/01/14: SFP member Hisham Jamjoum remembers Dharmender “Del” Singh

Former International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist and tireless supporter of human rights, Del Singh was killed in Afghanistan on Friday 17 January 2014. SFP sends its sincere condolences to his family and Hisham Jamjoum had this to say about his memories of Del:

I believe that our life on this earth is limited, but during our life we do many things and we  meet many people. Some of them we forget them as we drink a cup of water, others their name and respect and love stays in our hearts and minds forever, there are some people we love them. God kept and keeps them around us. And there are also some people we love them, but God loved them more than us and took their spirits to be in the sky. Yes we lost some of our loves: Rachel; Tom; Vittorio; and yesterday we lost Del Singh.

He was here in Palestine 3 times. First time he was here was 2005 and he joined ISM, to return in 2006. He was very active and he was detained and arrested a few times by IOF. Then when he went back to London, he helped to train new activists wanting to come here to Palestine. The last time when he came here in 2010, we as ISM, were passing a difficult financial situation. He donated a new desk computer for the media office from his own money. God please take good care of his spirit, he is a good person. Del, WE LOVE YOU AND WE’LL NEVER FORGET YOU HABIBI DEL(he always liked theses 2 words from me).

نحن نؤمن بأن حياتنا على هذه المعموره محدوده,لكن خلال هذه الحياة نعمل اشياء كثيره ونقابل اناس كثيرون أيضا,بعضهم ننساهم كما ننسى اننا شربنا كأس ماء,والبعض الأخر اسمهم واحترامهم وحبهم يبقى في قلوبنا وعقولنا للأبد,وهناك بعض الناس ممن نحبهم يبقيهم الله حولنا وأيضا هناك من نحبهم ولكن الله اختار ارواحهم ان ترقى الى السماء,أجل فقدنا بعض الأحبه مثل راشيل,توم,فيتوريو وبالأمس فقدنا أيضا ديل سينه,كان في فلسطين 3 مرات,المره الاولى في عام 2005 وانضم الى حركة التضامن الدوليه وعاد مره اخرى في العام 2006  وكان رحمه الله ناشطا جدا واعتقل عدة مرات من قبل قوات الاحتلال الاسرائيلي وعندما عاد الى لندن كان يساعد في تدريب النشطاء الجدد القادمين الى فلسطين,وفي المره الاخيره عندما جاء هنا الى فلسطين في العام 2010 كنا في حركة التضامن الدوليه((عندما كانت القياده فلسطينيه في ذلك الوقت)) كنا نمر بظروف ماديه صعبه فقام ديل بالتبرع من ماله الخاص وقام بشراء كمبيوتر

للمكتب الاعلامي ,يا رب ارحم روحه وهو له روح طيبه جدا,,,ديل نحن نحبك جدا ولن ننساك(حبيبي ديل) كان يحب ان يسمع هاتين الكلمتين مني



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