20/01/14: Village elders kidnapped by the Israeli Army from Rumaneh, Jenin

On Monday the Israeli Army arrested several village elders from Rumaneh, Jenin. The Army broke into the homes of Sheikh Nael Amor, Sheikh Noman Ejreban and Sheikh Bassam Fawaz Sabihat, vandalizing their property and terrorizing their families. Sheikh Amor and Sheikh Ejreban were the arrested.

The Army also vandalized the homes of Hossam Bushnaq, Jamal Muhamed and Farah Sabihat, and interrogated Sheikh Rateb.

The Israeli Army regularly terrorize Palestinian villages and cities, arresting men and women and transferring them, in violation if international law, to unknown locations inside historical Palestine. Many kidnapped Palestinians have no access to either a lawyer or their families for anything up to a month! suffering torture during this period.

SFP has been supporting all Palestinian prisoners and we kindly ask our international friends to continue to put pressure of their respective Governments to act in support of Palestinian prisoners held by Apartheid Israel.


الاثنين -20-1-2014:اعتقلت قوات الاحتلال عدة من وجهاء بلدة رمانة قضاء جنين واستحوبت اخرين خلال اقتحام ودهم البلدة تخللها تخريب محتويات المنازل. وافاد مهدي بشناق ان قوات الاحتلال اعتقلت الشيخ نائل عمور والشيخ نعمان جربان والشيخ بسام فواز صبيحات واجرت استجوابا مع الشيخ راتب كما احدثو تخريبا بالمنازل التي اقتحموها ومن المنازل التي تم تخريب الاثاث بها منزل حسام بشناق ومنزل جمال محاميد ومنزل فرح صبيحات.
منقول عن اصداء

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