22/01/14: Ahmed Atatreh appears before the Israeli Military Court

Ahmed Atatreh, arrested on Saturday 18 January in Jiflik in the Jordan Valley, appeared before Salem Military Court today to hear the charges against him. The Army alleges Ahmed attended an illegal demonstration and that he attacked the soldiers and attempted to steal their weapon. Despite being beaten during his arrest, SFP understands that Ahmed appeared well today.

Ahmed denies all the allegations against him and was being held in Hadareem Apartheid prison prior to his appearance at Salem Military Court today. All demonstrations are deemed illegal by the illegal occupation, and as is usual the charges against 20 year old Ahmed reflect the assault on him rather than the soldiers.

The demonstration held on Saturday 18 January was to resist the illegal occupation and ethnic cleansing of the Jordain valley of its native Palestinians. Ahmed, from Ramallah, was assualted by the Army along with several international activists who had come to show their support for villagers. A German activist from International Solidarity Movement, arrested with Ahmed, is still being held at Ramle detention facility, and will be deported anytime soon by Israel after his assualt by the Army.

Ahmed is due to appear again at the Military Court on 29 January.

The Military Court system is heavily biased against Palestinians and is used as a tool of oppression. The statement from the Army is often taken at face value, despite the weight of physical evidence to the contrary. Palestinians regularly end up negotiating for a lesser punishment, as to take their chances in the Court usually means a long prison sentence, despite the lack of evidence against them.

We ask all our international friends to maintain pressure in their respective representatives to demand the freedom of all Palestinian prisoners. We also ask all those of good conscience to continue to push Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Apartheid Israel.




  1. 29/01/14: Ahmed appeared at Salem Military Court today. The Judge refused to release him despite the photographic evidence of his innocence. Ahmed will appear again at Ofer Military Court next week.

  2. 03/02/14: UPDATE: Ahmed Atatreh is due back in Ofer Military Court on Wednesday 5 February. Please keep writing and pressuring your respective representative to demand the release of all Palestinian prisoners.

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