ACTION ALERT: SFP asks all friends to show solidarity with sick prisoner, Ibrahim Bitar

Ibrahim Khalil Bitar is desperately sick in Apartheid Israeli prison. Ibrahim is suffering from a multitude of medical problems all of which are not being treated adequately by Apartheid Israel, in to what amounts to medical negligence.

33 year old Ibrahim, from Khan Younis, Gaza, was sentenced to 17 years in prison in 2003. He was arrested while returning to Gaza through the Rafah crossing after receiving medical treatment in Egypt for a gunshot wound to the eye. Like many sick Palestinian prisoners Ibrahim receives little more than antibiotics or pain killers (paracetamol) despite his severe medical state.

Ibrahim is still suffering pain from his right eye, after the treatment before his arrest, and his left eye is now deterioriating. He is also suffering chronic intestinal inflammation, osteoporosis, arthritis, anemia and ulcers in the intestines. His only treatment to date has been on tumors in his lower back in mid-December. However, following his operation he was returned to Nafha prison, not allowing any recovery time and thus exacerbating his health situation as he suffered bleeding as a result. As well as a complete lack of adequate health care, Ibrahim also does not receive proper food and has been living on soup.

According to his family Ibrahim underwent telescopic view of his gut and samples were taken to ascertain whether his is now suffering from bowel cancer. Analysis should be known in 14 days.

Medical neglect is just another form of torture practiced against Palestinian prisoners in Apartheid Israeli prison cells. Last year alone 3 Palestinian prisoners died inside occupation prisons, with Human Rights organisations citing a lack of medical care as the reason for their deaths.

His family are desperately appealing to the international community and the Red Cross to intervene and save the life of their son. SFP kindly asks all our friends to write to their respective representative and implore their Government to act to save Ibrahim and all sick Palestinian prisoners. We also ask you all to leave your messages of support on the families Facebook page so they and Ibrahim know they are not alone.

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