27/01/14: Ms Johansson is this the coexistence you are talking about? Beit Furik village attacked by settlers for second day running

For the second day running residents from the east Nablus village of Beit Furik have been subjected to terrorism from illegal settlers. As the illegal settlers attacked Palestinian youth bravely defended the village. As is usual the Israeli Army then came to stand with the settlers attacking villagers. Ambulances were seen in the village and Abu Saud was injured by the attacking Army.

Beit Furik, like many of the villages around Nablus are surrounded by illegal settlements that not only steal Palestinian land but also house some of the most radical and criminal settlers. Villagers and their property are regularly attacked, terrorized and even murdered by the settlers. 

In 2005 Palestinian grassroots activists launched a call for boycott, divestment and sanctions similar to the effective call by South Africans in their own struggle against Apartheid. People around the world have been hearing the Palestinians call and refusing to deal with Apartheid Israel. Recently Scarlett Johansson, a famous Hollywood actress, became a brand ambassador for SodaStream, a company that profits and is located in an illegal settlement, Ma’ale Addumim. Johansson is also a human rights ambassador for Oxfam. In response to the campaign requesting Ms Johansson cease her relationship with SodaStream, she stated that she saw companies like SodaStream as promoting cooexistence, despite being built on stolen Palestinian land, in ‘Jewish’ only illegal settlements, harboring violent criminals. A complete contrast with the line Ms Johansson has stated as fact.

Villages such as Beit Furik, Burin and many more, suffered everyday from these illegal settlers. They are attacked, terrorized and their land stolen. This is not coexistence that Johansson professes is reality for Palestinians.

SFP kindly asks all our friends ask Ms Johansson to cease her relationship with Apartheid supporting SodaStream, or that Oxfam ceases in relationship with her. Please take action here.


سيارات الاسعاف الان متواجده في بيت فوريك نتيجة للمواجهات بين شبان البلده وقوات الاحتلال

اسم المصاب معروف أبو السعود

لاء الجيش الاصابة نتيجة رصاصة ناريه


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