03/02/14: Burin restarts work on agricultural road

On Sunday and Monday Burin village restarted work on an agricultural road near the illegal settlement of Bracha. Internationals were present with villagers during the day on Monday and for once there was no Army or settler attack. However, after the international left the village at around 4pm Army were seen in the area and fired tear gas towards the village.

The village has been working on an agricultural road to assist farmers with access to their lands. On previous occasions settlers had attempted to attack the bulldozer as it worked and the Army had prevented its work detaining the bulldozer and driver for several hours. The village have stood firm, determined to finish the roads that would greatly assist farmers.

Burin village is constantly terrorized by the illegal settlements of Bracha and Yitzhar that surround the village, and the Army which regular invade and kidnap villagers. Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the attempt at establishment of a tents on an area of land called Munatir in Burin. Villagers have remained determined to reclaim their land from the illegal settlers.

SFP is supporting Burin and other surrounding villagers. Please consider donating to our olive tree planting campaign and help us support farmers and villagers to remain steadfast on their land. For details of how to donate please click here.


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