05/02/14: Settlers attack Yanoun village and cut ancient olive trees

On Wednesday 5 February settlers from the illegal settlement of Itamar attacked Yanoun village and damaged more than 250 olive trees. Some of the trees, in Yanoun Valley, were more than 100 years old, belonging to the families Abu Dallah and Masri from Aqraba village, just south of Yanoun.

Yanoun is surrounded by the illegal settlement of Itamar. In 2002, after repeated settler attacks on villagers, the whole village was forced to flee. Thanks to international solidarity groups, villagers were able to reclaim their houses and the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme (EAPPI) now has a permanent presence in the village.

SFP is supporting farmers and villagers by planting olive trees across the West Bank. We would kindly ask all our supporters to consider donating to our campaign and helping us support farmers and villagers to remain steadfast on their land. For details of how to donate please click here.

المستوطنون يقطعون اشجار الزيتون في يانون
الاربعاء ٥-٢-٢٠١٤
اقدم مغتصبوا ايتيمار هذه الليلةًعلى قطع اكثر من 250 شجرة زيتون في منطقة واد يانون ( المزرعة)
حيث افاد رعاة الاغنام هناك بأنهم تفاجئوا بذلك صباح اليوم وقد توجه اصحاب الارض صباح اليوم ليتفاجئو من حجم الدمار الذي لحق بالاشجار مع العلم ان عمر شجر الزيتون يزيد عن المئة عام وتعود الاراضي لعائلة ابو دله من عقربا وعائله المصري



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