06/02/14: Israeli Army destroys 120 date trees in Zbeidat, Jordan Valley

On Thursday 6 February the Israeli Army entered the village of Zbeidat, in the Jordan Valley, and destroyed 120 date trees belonging to Hassan Germi. In an act of terrorism, the Army invaded with two bulldozers tearing up the trees, vital to Hassan and the Palestinian economy overall. The destruction of the trees in Hassan’s farms come following a demolition order from the Army issued to Hassan a year ago. Hassan said:

 I told the army they can’t destroy the trees like that because they’re like children for us. We plant them, we give them water and we watch them grow.

The Army claim the land is for the illegal settlement of Argaman. However, the land has been farmed by Hassan for 10 years and is only 10 metres from his home. All settlements are illegal under international law and are built on stolen Palestinian land, stealing vital natural resources such as water, very important for the cultivation of date trees.

Dates in particular are sold illegally by Apartheid Israel to western markets. They are usually from illegal settlement farms, built and using stolen Palestinian resources. Israeli dates have been a target for the growing boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign, which encourages consumers and companies to not by Israeli Apartheid goods.

SFP and Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign support and are part of the Palestinian call for BDS against Apartheid Israel. We implore our international friends to respect the boycott and say NO TO APARTHEID. For more details on the Palestinian call for BDS and products and companies to avoid, plus how you can get involved please click here.

Report and pictures courtesy of Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign


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