08/02/14: SFP and the Yamen Cultural and Social centre plant olive trees in Madama

On Saturday morning activists from SFP, Tanweer Centre (Nablus), the Bilal Najjar Cultural Centre (Burin), the Yamen Cultural and Social Centre (Madama) and friends from Asira Al Qibliya came together in Madama village just south of Nablus, to plant olive trees. Activists planted olive trees on the land of the father of the martyr, Yamen Tayeb Faraj.

Yamen and his friend Amjad ‘Arad Hanani were killed in Nablus in 2004 by the invading Israeli Army. The cultural centre in Madama, named after Yamen, seeks to keep alive their spirit of freedom through cultural activities. Activists planted olives trees in memory of both Yamen and Amjad and all the freedom fighters that lost their lives to the pursuant of freedom. Activists were clear that their spirit would live on and, like the roots of the olive tree, villagers would continue to remain steadfast on their land.

SFP has been supporting villagers and farmers to remain steadfast. A small part of that is through planting olives tree to reclaim the land, particularly on land illegal settlers and Army seek to further steal. We have been inundated with requests from villages and we would like to expand our campaign. We would be very grateful if you would consider donating so we can buy more olive trees and help more villages. For details on how to donate please click here.

الى يامن و امجد و جميع المقاتلين من اجل الحرية . زرعنا هذه الاشجار باسمائكم وربما جذورها عميقة
مثل ذاكرتنا بكم


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