09/02/14: Palestinian prisoner Shadi Jazmawi diagnosed with Leukemia

SFP have heard that Shadi Jazmawi, arrested by the Israeli Army on 21 December 2013 and held in Apartheid prisons since then, has just been diagnosed with Leukemia. A lawyer has been sent to Megiddo prison, where Shadi and his friend Ayman are being held, to get an update on his health situation.

Shadi’s lawyer is attempting to bring his Court hearing, currently scheduled for 26 February, forward to secure his release, given the high likelihood that he will be given no treatment while he is in prison.

There are currently estimated nearly 1000 sick Palestinian prisoners, with 177 with serious conditions. Sick prisoners regularly do not receive any medical treatment other than standard painkillers (paracetamol). In addition, the conditions prisoners are held in often mean their medical health declines or illnesses are exacerbated.

In 2013 three prisoners died as a result of medical neglect in Apartheid prisons. In November 2013 Hasan Turabi also died of Leukemia, attributed to his lack of proper medical care. On 2 December 2013 sick prisoner Alaa al-Hams was beaten by the prison infirmary doctor in Eshel prison, after attending with severe stomach pains, paralysis of the limbs and foaming at the mouth. Following the attack Alaa had to undertake a hunger strike for almost a month before he was transferred to Ashkelon prison where he could receive some treatment.

These horror stories are all too common for Palestinian prisoners, many of whom have also contracted diseases such as Hepatitis C following operations by prison authorities. Not only is the detention of Palestinian prisoners outside the West Bank and Gaza area of Palestine a direct violation of international law, Apartheid Israel implements a policy of medical neglect, amounting to torture.

SFP has been supporting prisoners and their families, and will continue to do so until all are free. We kindly ask our international friends to keep writing to their respective representatives to demand sick Palestinian prisoners receive proper treatment and that all prisoners are released.

For full details on Shadi and Ayman’s arrest and subsequent Court hearings please click here.



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