10/02/14: Qais Imran kidnapped from his home in Burin

At approximately 02:45am, on Monday morning, the Israeli Army invaded the village of Burin, just south of Nablus, and kidnapped 20 year old Qais Imran from his home. Qais is a volunteer with the Bilal Najjar Cultural Centre in Burin and a former prisoner, held for 8 months previously. Qais’s kidnapping brings the total to 11 young men held in Israeli Apartheid prisons, 6 of which are volunteers at the Centre.

Cultural centres and their volunteers are a constant target for Army raids, with suggestions by the Army that they are Centre’s for planning resistance activities. Centre’s such as the one in Burin offer a range of activities for the communities they serve, ranging from educational courses to supporting farmers. Unemployment in villages, the series of checkpoints and closures and Army and settler terrorism cut off communities. Cultural centres give an opportunity for the youth to come together, learn from one another and gain new skills, as well as communicate with other areas and cities through mutual cooperation.

The Army sees as a threat these Centres and seeks to divide Palestinian people and suppress anything that adds value to their lives. In recent years the Army has adopted a policy of targeting children and young people in arrest raids, in order to put pressure on adults to cease activities, and generally instill fear at a young age. It is estimated as many as 700 Palestinian children are kidnapped from their homes each year by the Army, with this increasing dramatically in recent years.

The targeting of children and policy of arresting, incarcerating and torturing young men on tenuous or no evidence constitutes a war crime. Burin is a village particularly targeted due to its location and steadfastness. It is near both an Apartheid Military Camp (Huwwara) and the illegally settlements of Bracha and Yitzhar, which have expanded significantly in recent years, stealing more of Burin land.

SFP kindly asks our international friends to please keep up the pressure on their respective representatives demanding they hold Apartheid Israel accountable for its crimes and release all prisoners immediately.

اقتحمت قوات الاحتلال الاسرائيلي الليلة الماضية قرية بورين حيث قامت بتفتيش منزل المواطن بلال عمران قبل ان تعتقل نجله قيس مع العلم ان قيس اسير سابق اعتقل لمدة 8 شهور



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  1. I pray to Allah (SWT) that the brother gets released soon and sent home to his family without any harm.

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