12/02/14: Israeli Army demolish homes in Khirbet Krzelaa, Jordan Valley

At 06:30am on Wednesday 12 February 2014 the Israeli Army entered the village of Khirbet Krzelaa, south of Al-Jiflek in the central Jordan Valley area, to demolish the home of Attia Rehan Bani Mania. The Army demolished the family home, housing ten family members and the shelter for the sheep. This is the second time in just over a month Attia’s family have been made homeless by the Army, the last time on 8 January. 

Attia had rebuilt his demolished home 500 metres from the site of his original home. Attia and his family are steadfast and refuse to be terrorised from their ancestral lands. International organisations issued the family with temporary tents, but there delivery was prevented by the Army. And in an additional act of terrorism, the Army confiscated Attia’s car, the own means of transport for him and his family in these remote areas where public transport is unable to access due to the Army checkpoints. The Army are refusing to return Attia’s car unless he and his family leave the area.

The forced expulsions, through a series of terrorist policies from home demolitions to physical attacks, has eerie echoes to the Nakba, when almost three-quarters of a million Palestinians were forced by gunpoint from their homes to create the Apartheid State of Israel. Apartheid Israel has been increasing its racist policies in the Jordan Valley, which Netanyhu has already pronounced will remain under full Israeli military control, regardless of any ‘peace’ deal. 

John Kerry is currently pushing negotiations between Apartheid Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which appear to include the denial of the right of return for refugees and Israel consolidating it’s hold further on large swathes of the remains of Palestine. 

Many of the illegal settlements that produce agricultural products for export markets originate from the Jordan Valley. SFP and Palestinian grassroots civil society is asking the world to implement boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel. We ask all our friends to abide by the BDS call and ensure that in the absence of international Governments taking action, world citizens assist in the pursuit of justice and freedom for all of Palestine and the return of the refugees, in line with international law. For more details on how to boycott and get involved in the upcoming Israeli Apartheid Week campaign in your area, please click here

SFP will be going to help Attia, his family and Krzelaa village to rebuild.  


في حوالي الساعه السادسه والنصف صباح اليوم الاربعاء12-2-2014 توجه عشرات جيبات الاحتلال الاسرائيلي الى منطقه (كرزليا)في الاغوار الوسطى والتي تقع جنوب الجفتلك لهدم بيت المواطن عطيه ريحان بني منيه (Attia Rehan Bani Mania) وهو رب اسره تتكون من عشرة افراد كما تم هدم المنشأةالخاصه بالاغنام التابعه له وذكر عطيه في اتصال تم معه ومع الsfp ان عملية الهدم ليست المره الاولى فلقد تم هدم البيوت من قبل وتحديدا بتاريخ 8-1-2014 ولكن (عطيه اصر ان يبقى في المكان ليبني بيتا جديدا له ولعائلته تبعد مسافه 500 متر عن المكان القديم الا ان الاحتلال الاسرائيلي قام وبدون انذار بهدم البيت مره اخرى تاركا العائله والاطفال بدون بيت وذكر انه تم التبرع له بخيمتين من قبل الجهات الرسميه الا ان الاحتلال صادر الخيام مانعا عطيه وعائلته حتى العيش تحت الخيام كما تم مصادرة سيارته ولا زالت لغايه الان حيث اشترط الضابط الاسرائيلي الافراج عن السياره برحيل عطيه وعائلته عن المكان وطالب عطيه المؤسسات الرسميه والدوليه التدخل ومع عمليات الهدم والتهجير للسكان التي تجري في الاغوار



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