14/02/14: SFP spreads Valentine’s love planting olive trees in Azzun, Qalqliya

On Friday morning activists from SFP Nablus, Burin, Hares, Asira Al Qibliya planted olive trees with villagers in Azzun, just next to Qalqliya city. Activists planted trees on land where settlers have been trying to expand the illegal settlement of Qarne Shomron.

Azzun is a village of about 10,000 people under siege. The Army surround the village, along with 6 illegal settlements and the Apartheid Wall. As activists were leaving the Army had already begun to set up their regular checkpoint at the entrance to the village, for the only purpose than to make daily life for villagers impossible.

The Army regularly invade Azzun, accusing young boys of throwing stones on the road at illegal settlers. Most boys are tortured and forced to sign confessions including names of other boys, in Hebrew, which they don’t understand. Today there are 185 boys from Azzun in prison, 70% have never been to Court and are held under what is known as administrative detention.

Administrative detention origins from the British occupation of Palestine. Apartheid Israel continues to use this illegal measure to detain large swathes of the Palestinian population, with no charge, for long periods of time. They are denied access to a lawyer and information against them is usual ‘secret’, meaning they are unable to mount any defense to continuing detention orders, which have to be renewed every 6 months.

Azzun and villages like Azzun are living in a pressure cooker, unable to naturally expand to accommodate the village needs, and subject to arbitrary arrest and violence. SFP will continue to support Azzun in their resistance against the illegal occupation. We ask all our friends, particularly today, Valentines Day, a day dedicated to love, so show their love for Palestine and freedom and boycott Apartheid Israel. For details on how to boycott and get involved in the campaign in your area please click here.


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