18/02/14: Palestinian child detained by Army in Tel Rumeida, Hebron

On Tuesday 18 February, in the afternoon, the Israeli Army arrested 15 year old Awni Imad Abu Shamsseih from the Tel Rumeida neighbourhood of Hebron. The soldiers claimed the child was throwing stones at settlers. They detained the child on Shuhada Street for more than an hour before transferring him, with his father, Imad Abu Shamsseih, who had arrived on the scene, to the Apartheid Israelis police station, located inside the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba.

After arriving at the police station, Awni was separated from his father, and held for 2 hours in a police cell. In direct violation of international law, Israeli officers interrogated the child without his father present. Despite no evidence of the child’s alleged crimes, the police demanded the family paid 1000 Shekels to secure his release. This was eventually negotiated down to 300 NIS.

Imad Abu Shamsseih’s family are regularly subject to Army and settler harassment, their home being located in Tel Rumeida, an area settlers have illegally stolen homes from Palestinians. Imad Abu Shamsseih is a member of SFP Hebron.

The targeting of young men and children in order to make life impossible for Palestinians, has been a consistent policy of Apartheid Israel in recent years. In a recent years the amount of Palestinian children detained by Apartheid Israel has increased. It now averages about 700 children a year kidnapped by the Army, often held in isolation for days, with no access to their family or a lawyer. Many report torture and are forced to sign ‘confessions’ written in Hebrew, a language they do not understand.

SFP works for the release of all prisoners. However, the issue of children and young men held by the Army is particularly pertinent. We implore our international friends and supporters to join the grassroots Palestinian movement requesting boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) of Apartheid Israel. This is a tangible way you can help make a difference, in the face of international Government’s complicity in Apartheid Israel’s war crimes, and make it clear that Apartheid is not acceptable. For more details of how you can boycott and how to get involved in the campaign, and the upcoming Israeli Apartheid Week events, please click here


قوات الاحتلال تعتقل طفل فلسطيني في الخليل الخليل – تل الرميدة 18-02-2014 قامت قوات الاحتلال الاسرائيلي باعتقال الطفل عوني عماد ابو شمسية والبالغ من العمر 15 عاما بعد ظهر يوم الثلاثاء من تاريخ 18-02-2014, وادعى احد جنود الاحتلال بان الطفل عوني قام بإلقاء الحجارة تجاه المستوطنين الاحتلال وبالرغم من انكار الطفل لتهمة الموجهة اليه قام احد جنود الاحتلال بسحب عوني الى حاجز تل الرميدة في شارع الشهداء لمدة اكثر من ساعة وبعد ذلك حضرت سيارة لشرطة الاحتلال وقامت بنقل الطفل ابو شمسية مع والده الى شرطة كريات اربع الاحتلالية وقال والد الطفل عماد ابو شمسية بأنهم قاموا بوضعنا بغرفة لمدة تزيد عن الساعتين ويعد ذلك قاموا بعزلنا عن بعضنا عند دخول ابني غرفة التحقيق وهو محالف للقانون لأننا نتكلم عن طفل وبجب ان اكون برفقته عند التحقيق معه حسب القانون . وقامت شرطة الاحتلال بإرغام العائلة على دفع غرامة مالية قدرها شيكل300 بعد ان طلبوا في البداية الف شيكل كغرامة مالية بالرغم عدم ثبوت أي تهمة بالتحقيق تجاه ابني. يذكر بان عائلة عماد ابو شمسية هي احدى العائلات التي تتعرض للاعتداءات الاحتلال بشكل متكرر في منطقة تل الرميدة



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