21/02/14: SFP supports Qaryot to remain steadfast

On Friday morning activists from SFP joined farmers and villagers from Qaryot to plant olive trees near the illegal settlement of Shvut Rachel. Despite an attempt by the Army to harass and intimidate the group, all the olive trees were successfully plants.

SFP activists joined Um Imad to plant trees on her land, land she had previously been denied access to due to the illegal settlement. After planting 20 olive trees activists moved on to a second area of and in the shadows of the illegal settlement. As they were leaving, after planting the remaining trees, an Army jeep pulled up and four soldiers demanded to know what the activists were doing and what they had taken pictures of. The group stayed firm and refused to engage in the Army’s questioning, maintaining their right to do as they wish on their own land. The soldiers relented and activists completed their activities.

Qaryot and its neighbouring villages of Qusra and Jalud are surrounded by several illegal settlements and outposts that steal Palestinian land. All three villages suffer constant Army and settler harassment and Qaryot alone lost 700 olive trees last year to settler attacks.

SFP calls on all people of good conscience around the world to abide by the Palestinian request for a boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) of Apartheid Israel, to hold it to account for its war crimes, in the absence of action by international governments. To find out how to boycott and join the campaign please click here.



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