24/02/14: Release of Badia Dwaik – request for funds

Dear Friends,

SFP and human rights activist Badia Dwaik was arrested and injured by the Israeli Army on Friday 21 February 2014. He was arrested while bravely demanding the opening of Shuhada Street, the main thoroughfare for Palestinians in Hebron. After a brutal arrest Badia was transferred to the Kiryat Arba police station inside the illegal settlement of the same name. He was the transferred to Ofer prison.

We are very pleased to inform everyone that after attending court at Ofer Military Court, It has been agreed that Badia will be released. To secure his release friends paid a 1000NIS fine.

We would be very grateful for any donations you could make, big or small, so that SFP can reimburse those that paid as they have limited financial means.

We have a Palestinian bank account (click here for details) and a PayPal account which is tax deductible for American residents. Please email us below for details of how to donate via the PayPal or American bank account direct.

Thank you in advance.

SFP Steering Committee

Image courtesy of Ma’an


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