08/03/14: Women from Nablus demonstrate against Israeli oppression on International Women’s Day

On Saturday 8 March, known throughout the world as International Women’s Day, female activists demonstrated to Huwwara Military checkpoint, south of Nablus, to voice their opposition to Israeli oppression and occupation. The women were from SFP and the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, and were also joined by male supporters.

As the women took their message to the Occupation, a large force of Israeli Army soldiers prevented them going further. The armed soldiers pushed and shoved the women and tried to prevent their message being heard. However, the women remained steadfast, determined not to be intimidated by the Israeli terrorists. The women made it clear this was their land and they would no longer stand for Occupation’s agression carried out against them and their families.

International Women’s Day has been marked around the world since the early 1900s, to raise awareness of women’s issues. Traditionally Western media has portrayed Arab women as being oppressed by Islam. However, the women today were clear it was not their Hijabs that oppressed them, but the guns trained on them from the Israeli Army.

There is currently 21 Palestinian women in Israeli Apartheid prisons. Despite releasing most female prisoners as part of the Gilad Shalit deal with Hamas, Apartheid Israel has been busy refilling their prisons with Palestinian women. Kidnapped from their homes late at night and often tortured Palestinian female political prisons then go on to suffer, with some even having to give birth while shackled inside the prison.

SFP asked some of Palestinian women to tell us their experiences at the hands of the illegal Israeli Occupation:

Tayeed from Nablus

  •  I can still hear the loud speakers ringing in my ears from when I was just a child, 6 years old: “by order of the military the city if Nablus is under curfew from now until further notice”. My friends and I ran out of the school, our small hearts beating so fast, hoping to get home quickly. As we ran we saw Israeli soldiers firing live ammunition, rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas. They were not differentiating between children, women or young men.
  • As I got older the scene just got harsher. During the Al-Aqsa Intifada Israeli Occupation Forces warplanes bombarded our house several times, and surrounded the Old City of Nablus with tanks, cutting the water and electricity. For days we were without phones. And then one day they killed my girlfriends, Kamilta, in cold blood as she travelled from Nablus to Ramallah.
  • Not a day would go by when there weren’t checkpoints on my route to University, making the journey from the villages 4-5 hours. A journey which normally should only take 20 minutes.
  • When all the world stands against the State of Israel together we will be able to end the injustice and racism suffered by generations of Palestinian People. Together we will be able to create a decent life and have freedom for the children of Palestine and every child in this world.

لا زال صوت مكبرات الصوت يرن في أذني مذ كنت طفلة في 6 من العمر ” بأمر من الحاكم العسكري لمدينة نابلس يفرض نظام منع التجول من الآن وحتى إشعار آخر ” أخرج من زميلاتي من المدرسة بقلوبنا الصغيرة التي تخفق بشدة نركض في الشوارع أملا في العودة إلى البيت بأسرع وقت ، نشاهد جنود الاحتلال  يطلقون الأعيرة النارية والمطاطية وقنابل الغاز المسيل للدموع التي لم تكن تفرق بين طفل وامرأة أو شاب ، وعندما كبرت قليلا أصبح المشهد أكثر قساوة فخلال انتفاضة الأقصى قصفت طائرات الاحتلال بيتنا عدة مرات ، وحاصرت دباباته البلدة القديمة في نابلس وقطع الماء والكهرباء والهاتف لأيام طويلة  ، وقتلوا صديقتي وكميلتي في الدراسة بدم بارد أثناء توجهها من نابلس إلى رام الله ، وهي كانت تجلم بيوم تذهب فيه للجامعة بدون حواجز إسرائيلية تجعل الطريق من قريتها تستغرق 4 أو 5 ساعات وهي بدون حواجز لا تستغرق أكثر من 20 دقيقة

عندما يقف كل أحرار العالم في وجه دولة إسرائيل

سنستطيع معا إنهاء الظلم والعنصرية التي عانى منها أجيال من الشعب الفلسطيني ، فمعا سنستطيع أن نخلق حياة كريمة وحرة لأطفال فلسطين وكل طفل في هذا العالم.

Leena from Asira ash Shamiliya

  • I want to tell you about the violence suffered against Palestinian female prisoners. The Occupation comes in the middle of the night to kidnap us with violence. We are taken into solitary confinement, a place not suitable for any human, where they interrogate us and threaten to kill us or arrest our families. They deprive us of sleep and shackle us to a chair for many hours while they ask their never ending questions.
  • This is just a small part we suffer as prisoners of war.

أود أن اكتب بكلمات مختصرة عن العنف الذي يقع على الاسيرة .

بداية الاحتلال عندما يداهم البيت في منتصف الليل ويقوم بالاعتقال بطريقة وحشية هذا اكبر عنف .عندما يحقق مع الاسيرة في زنازين لاتصلح لحياة البشر .

عدا عن طرق التهديد بالقتل واعتقال افراد الاسره للاسيرة . الحرمان من النوم والشبح على كرسي طوال ساعات عديدة في أقبية التحقيق .

هذا جزء بسيط جدا جدا من العنف الممارس علينا كأسيرات .

 Saha from Haifa
  • My name is Sahar Abdo of the city of Haifa, occupied Palestine and I currently live in Nablus in the West Bank, Palestine. The Zionist enemy prevents me from working inside historical Palestine because of my opposition to the Occupation and my desire to see Palestine free. I have been arrested several times and they put me on a black list, which has led my inability to find work in my home city. I had to leave my city and my family and come to Nablus to search for work.
اسمي سحر عبدو من مدينة حيفا بفلسطين المحتلة وانا حاليا اسكن بمدينة نابلس في الضفة الغربية بفلسطين كون العدو الصهيوني منع عني العمل في الداخل الفلسطيني بسبب نشاطي الوطني وتم اعتقالي سياسيا عدة مرات ووضعني في القائمة السوداء وهذا أدى لعدم قبول اي مكتب او مؤسسة تقبلني في اي اطار للعمل.. اضطررت لترك مدينتي واهلي والقدوم الى نابلس للبحث عن عمل
These are just a few examples of what Palestinian women have to suffer everyday at the hands of Apartheid Israel. We ask all people around the world honouring women today and everyday to show their support for Palestinian women and abide by the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign launched by Palestinian civil society. To find out how to boycott and join the BDS campaign please click here.



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