10/03/14: Israeli Army demolish WC at Mas’oudia Park

On Monday afternoon, at approximately 14:30, Israeli jeeps entered Mas’oudia Park, just northwest of Nablus city, and demolished a WC facility for park visitors. Before starting the demolition the Army imposed a curfew on Burqa village, which Mas’oudia Park lies just south of, and then proceeded to demolish the facility with a bulldozer, accompanied by 4 Army jeeps and an Israeli civil administration official.

On 19 November 2013 the Army issued the Village Council with demolition orders, claiming the structure was built illegally on land designated Area C under the failed Oslo Accords. However, the real reason appears to be yet another land grab. Illegal settlers frequent the area, supported by the Army, which is of particular beauty, trying to lay claim to the land.

The Village was defiant and steadfast and SFP joined them in their resistance on 26 November 2013 to help build a safe play area near the now demolished WC, for children to play while families relax in the parks grounds.

The Village remain defiant and have stated their intention to rebuild and not surrender to Apartheid Israel’s intimidation. SFP will continue to support them. We ask all people to support the village and Palestinians as a whole in their resistance to the illegal occupation of their land by boycotting Aparthied Israel. To find out how to boycott and to join the campaign please click here.

Before (WC in November 2013)


After (demolition)


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