11/03/14: 3 martyrs in less than 24 hours

Yesterday, 10 March, Raed Alaa Addin Zieter, 38, from Nablus, was murdered by the Israel Army, while trying to come home from his work in Amman as a Judge. He was shot 3 times in the chest at the Allenby Bridge Crossing. The Army allege he tried to grab a soldiers gun.

Later in the day Saji Darwish, 18, from a village near Ramallah, was murdered by the Army near the illegal settlement of Beit El. The Army allege he was throwing stones, however it is not clear how, if true, this justifies his murder.

Today, 11 March, Fida Mohiuddin Majadele, 20, from the village of Atil was murdered just south of Tulkarem at Atil checkpoint. His car was chased by the Army.

SFP will continue to update and support the struggle for freedom for all of Palestine.


Saji Darwish, 18


Saji Darwish, 18 in happier times

Fida Mohiuddin Majadele, 20
Fida Mohiuddin Majadele, 20


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