11/03/14: Nablus buries the martyr Raed Alaa Addin Zieter

SFP and the residents of Nablus buried the martyr Raed Alaa Addin Zieter, 38 years old, a Palestinian living in Amman and working as a Judge. Raed was shot dead with 3 bullets to the chest after he attempted to return home to Nablus yesterday morning via the Allenby Bridge Crossing.

The Israeli Army alleges Raed attempted to grab a soldier’s weapon. However, they also claim there is no CCTV footage, which is surprising, if true, given it is a border crossing. Witnesses claim that an Israeli soldier pushed Raed, who pushed back and then fired shots at him. This would accord with the numerous statements of ritual humiliation and violence inflicted on Palestinians as they attempt to cross back and further from their country to Jordan.

Israel controls all the borders in and out of Palestine, and keeps the West Bank and Gaza territories of Palestine under siege. Yesterday Raed was to become just the first martyr of the day, with 18 year old Saji Darwish shot dead by soldiers near Ramallah. This was followed by Fida Mohiuddin Majadele (20 years old) murdered after Israeli police ran his car off the road as he was travelling to work on Tuesday morning near Atil checkpoint, Tulkarem. The Army at first tried to claim it was just a car accident but this is disputed by eye witnesses, who said the Israeli vehicle chased Fida’s car running it off the road.

Later on Tuesday the Israeli Army tried to enter Khan Younis, Gaza. The resistance tried to prevent the incursion and therefore Israel ordered a murderous air strike killing three identified as: Ismail Abu Judah, 23; Shahir Abu Shanab, 24; and Abd al-Shafi Muamma, 33.

SFP is also attending the funeral of Saji Darwish in Ramallah, and a further update to this report will follow.



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