11/03/14: SFP honours the martyrs of Nablus

On Tuesday 11 March, as Palestine mourned the death of 6 martyrs in the last 24 hours, SFP activists joined by the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, paid their respects to the martyrs of previous years now resting in Nablus’ Western cemetary. Activists planted flowers on the graves if freedom fighters and paid tribute to the 7 martyrs murdered by Apartheid Israel in the last week (6 in the last 24 hours). Activists reaffirmed their commitment to honour the spirit of the dead by continuing the struggle for freedom.

Those murdered in the last week by the Israeli Army are: Moataz Washaha (Birzeit, Ramallah); Raed Alla Alldin Zeiter (Nablus); Sajil Darwish (Ramallah); Fida Mohiuddin Majadele (Atil, Tulkarem); Ismail Abu Judah (Gaza); Shahir Abu Shanab (Gaza); and Abd al-Shafi Muamma (Gaza).

We ask all people around the world that are not already doing so to join the Palestinians struggle for freedom and abide by the call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid murderous Israel. To find out more about the BDS campaign and how to boycott please click here.


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