12/03/14: Children shot with live ammunition, Beit Ommar

Today, the Israeli Army shot three children from Beit Ommar with live bullets. Basheer Izreeq Abu Ayyash, a 16 year old boy was wounded in his left thigh, another youth was shot in the stomach and two men were wounded from rubber coated steal bullets.

Over the past two days clashes have been ongoing at the entrance to Beit Ommar, between the heavily armed Israeli Army and defenseless Palestinian youth. The Army has also locked the main gate to Beit Ommar preventing entry and exit of its residents.

Beit Ommar is an ancient farming village located in the southern West Bank. It is surrounded by 6 illegal settlements, built on stolen Beit Ommar land. At the time if writing residents are still under siege by the Army.

In the last week 7 Palestinians have been murdered by the Army. It is becoming clear Apartheid I steal has decided to escalate and create more terror with a shoot to kill policy becoming apparent. We ask all people around the world to support Palestinians in stopping the impunity of Apartheid Israel by abiding by the call for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS). Please click here to find out how to boycott.


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