19/03/14: 3 Martyrs finally laid to rest in Nablus

On Tuesday evening the remains of Mohammad al-Hanbali, Ahmad Yaser Saleh and Mohammad Humoda were returned to their families after being held for over 10 years by Apartheid Israel.

The martyr Hanbali died on 05/09/2003 after being armed clashed with the invading Israeli Army. The Army then demolished the seven-story building in which Mohammad al-Hanbali was hiding, after his body was removed from the building, apparently, as locals said, as punishment for the residents who they accused of hiding al-Hanbali in their apartment.

The martyr Humoda died after a martyrdom operation on 17/02/2002 in the city of Hadera, inside historical Palestine. And Ahmad Yaser was killed during armed clashes with soldiers near the illegal settlement of Yitzhar on 9/08/2002 in the village of Asira al Qibliya.

In collective punishment against their families, in violation of humanitarian law, Apartheid Israel had kept the remains of the three men, along with hundreds others, in unmarked graves, known as the cemetery of numbers inside Palestine’s ’48 territories. This collective punishment prevented their proper burial for more than 10 years and the families were not able to visit them.

Collective punishment is expressly forbidden under international law. However, Apartheid Israel violates these laws regularly punishing Palestinian families for the alleged crimes if their family members. These range from demolition of homes to the withholding of bodies.

SFP asks all those that love freedom and justice to join Palestinians in their struggle and boycott Apartheid Israel, and ends it’s impunity against international law. To learn how to boycott please click here.

استقبلت نابلس مساء يوم الثلاثاء  جثامين الشهداء محمد الحنبلي Muhmad Hanbl والشهيد احمد ياسر صالحAhmad Yaser Saleh والشهيد محمد حموضه Muhmad Humoda وقد تم نقل الجثامين عبر سيارات الاسعاف  الى مسجد الشهيد محمد الحنبلي (حبث اوصى الشيد الحنبلي والده بناء مسجد باسمه)  في الجبل الشمالي -نابلس  وكان في استقبالهم المئات من الاهالي وبعد وصول الجثامين تم الصلاه غليهم داخل المسجد ومن ثم تم نقلم الى مستشفى رفيديا  في مسيره جماهيره كبيره .

الشهيد الحنبلي استشهد بتاريخ 5-9-2003 خلال اشتباك مسلح في منطقة المخفية جرى خلالها نسف بناية مكونة من 7 طوابق

بينما استشهد حموضة في عملية استشهادية بمدينة الخضيرة بالداخل الفلسطيني بتاريخ 17-2-2002. احمد صالح استشهد خلال اشتباك مسلح مع جنود الاحتلال قرب مستوطنة “يتسهار” المقامة على أراضي قريته عصيرة االقبليه بتاريخ 8-9-2002.




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