21/03/14: SFP honours the mothers of martyrs on Mother’s Day

On Friday afternoon, Palestinian Mother’s Day, SFP activists visited the homes of three mothers who lost their sons to the Israeli Army. Activists gave each woman a gift, saying that while we knew her son could no longer be here, we were here on his behalf, to honour her son and her sacrifice for freedom.

As the women recounted the stories of how their sons were killed the pain was still evident on their faces, with Um Shadi and Um Ahmad breaking into tears. Um Ahmad lost two sons to the Israeli Army, Ahmad and Suhayb. Ahmad’s body was only returned by Apartheid Israel this week, after spending over 10 years in an unmarked grave. Um Ahmad explained she felt she had 3 sons martyrs, Ahmad in 2002, Suhayb in 2008 and then again this week. Um Shadi’s son, Shadi Nassar, was killed in 2002 and his body is still held by Apartheid Israel. Um Abdullah’s son Abdullah Al-Shami, was killed in 1992, and she spoke about him with the pain still apparent on her face.

SFP explained to the women that they would honour their sons by ensuring freedom for the future generations, and for those mothers still suffering from children buried in unmarked graves, they would carry the bodies home to them.

As people celebrate and honour their mothers around the world, we ask you all to take a moment to reflect on Palestinian mothers who have paid the ultimate price for freedom. We ask you all to honour those mothers by joining the request for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel. To find out more about how to boycott and join the campaign please click here.


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