21/03/14: SFP remembers the spirit of Karameh

On Friday morning SFP activists, joined by villagers from Asira Al Qibliya, planted olive trees on Asira land near the illegal settlement of Yitzhar. On the anniversary of the battle of Karameh, where the Jordanian Army joined forces with the PLO to defend Karameh camp against the attacking Israeli Army, villagers and activists vowed to maintain unity and the struggle until victory.

The battle of Karameh took place in 1968, after the occupation of the West Bank, Sinai, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights in 1967. The Israeli Army then attacked the PLO in Karameh, across the Jordanian border. However, the camp was bravely defended by not only PLO forces but the Jordanian Army.

It is this spirit of unity that SFP and others seek to renew, seeing the struggle for freedom for Palestine as duty and responsibility of all those that believe in justice and freedom. We ask all people around the world to join and create unity against Apartheid Israel, by adhering to the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) request from Palestinians. To find out how to boycott and join the BDS campaign please click here.


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