22/03/14: 3 martyrs on the day Nablus remembers the Battle of Karameh

On Saturday morning, Palestine awoke to hear the news that 3 more young lives had been taken by the Israeli Army, this time in Jenin camp. Hamza Abu-Hijleh (22 years old), Mahmoud Abu Zeina (17 years old) and Yazan mahmoud Basim Jabarin (22 years old) were murdered by the Army in the early hours of Saturday morning.

According to eye witnesses, a huge force of the Israeli Army invaded the camp, surrounding Hamza’s home. When he refused to leave the house the Army started firing at the two-story building with rockets and live ammunition. His terrified family were able to leave before the Army continued their barrage. Hamza was then injured and residents of the camp saw him try to escape out of a window. The Army followed Hamza’s blood trail and murdered him 3 metres from his home.

Mahmoud and Yazan were both murdered as they came out in the street to see what was happening. An Army sniper, positioned on the roof shot them both dead, despite neither having a gun or firing any shots.

As the camp tried to carry Hamza’s body the Army continued firing live ammunition and the lethal and illegal dum, dum bullets. Hussein Abu Tabeekh was shot with these bullets in his stomach and hand and is in a critical condition in Jenin hospital. Mahmoud Jemil Mohammed Hussein (24 years old) was also shot with these kind of bullets in his back, hitting his spine. SFP went to visit him and his family in Nablus hospital. He is in a critical condition and about to undergo surgery to determine the extent of his injuries. SFP were able to speak to his brother, uncle and mother and father who told us what happened. SFP briefly visited Mahmoud, however he was being prepared for surgery and in a critical condition.

SFP and other groups had already planned an event at Nablus centre to culminate in a demonstration at Huwwara checkpoint, to commemorate the battle of Karameh (see our report yesterday here for details of the Battle of Karameh). SFP activists therefore took their message to the Occupation at Huwwara checkpoint, where a large force of soldiers were waiting, shouting the names of the martyrs and promising to honour them.

This now brings to 11 the number of Palestinians murdered by Apartheid Israel in the last few weeks alone. The PLO also released figures showing that 57 Palestinians had been murdered (this does not include the 3 today and 1 last week) since negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Apartheid Israel, pushed by America, started. In addition, figures also show an over 100% increase in illegal settlement building last year.

SFP asks all people around the world to join the Palestinians struggle for freedom and stop paying for the bombs and bullets used against them. We ask you all to join the campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel. To find out how to boycott please click here.


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  1. Israeli apartheid army invaded Palestinian refugees camp in Jenin and killed 3 Palestinians from hamas, Jehad and Fateh as they were defended their camp,it is shame on Euro News Tv to say that 3 Palestinian were killed in clash between Israel and Palestinian!!!!!!

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