23/03/14: 2 young men shot by the Israeli Army in Jenin recovering well

SFP is very pleased to report that following his operation yesterday Mahmoud Jemil Mohammed Hussein (24 years old) is recovering well and was awake when SFP activists went to visit him. Activist also delivered food to his family as they remain by his beside while he recovers in the Intensive Care Unit. Hussein Abu Tabeekh, also shot with the lethal and illegal dum dum bullets, like Mahmoud, by the Israeli Army is also reporting recovering well after an operation on his stomach. Activists were able to talk to Mahmoud and send their best wishes and confirm with doctors that he is likely to walk again after a long recovery.

Mahmoud and Hussein were both shot when they tried to carry the body of the murdered Hamza Abu-Hijleh. Hamza (22 years old), Mahmoud Abu Zeina (17 years old) and Yazan Mahmoud Basim Jabarin (22 years old) were murdered by the Army in the early hours of Saturday morning, after the Army surrounded Jenin refugee camp.

According to eye witnesses, a huge force of the Israeli Army invaded the camp, surrounding Hamza’s home. When he refused to leave the house the Army started firing at the two-story building with rockets and live ammunition. His terrified family were able to leave before the Army continued their barrage. Hamza was then injured and residents of the camp saw him try to escape out of a window. The Army followed Hamza’s blood trail and murdered him 3 metres from his home.

Mahmoud and Yazan were both murdered as they came out in the street to see what was happening. An Army sniper, positioned on the roof shot them both dead, despite neither having a gun or firing any shots.

SFP will continue to support the families and residents of the camp. We kindly ask if people would consider donating towards supporting SFP’s activities. Donations can be made via PayPal (tax exempt for USA residents) or to the Palestinian bank account. For more details on how to donate please click here.



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