28/03/14: SFP and Burin assert their right to their land

On Friday noon activists from SFP and the Martyr Bilal Najjar Cultural Centre came together in Burin to assert their rights to all their land, in the run up to Land Day (30 March). Activists went to the Munitir neighbourhood of Burin to plant trees and affirm their right to the land.

They were attacked, with no provocation, by a group of Israeli Army soldiers, throwing stun grenades at the activists as they attempted to plant trees. The Army then began firing tear gas directly at activists. Settlers the joined the Army and began throwing stones at the activists, while standing next to the Army.

Many activists suffered tear gas inhalation, with Abu Morsi, a member of the Burin local Council, later collapsing at home and being taken to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus. As a group of activists were leaving Burin later in the day, spies inside the village, threw a large rock directly at their car, smashing the windscreen. Activists suspect this to be the work of the Palestinian Authority who collaborate with Apartheid Israel to try and stop the popular resistance. However, like earlier in the day activists vowed not to be intimidated and to continue to work for freedom of their land.

Burin is surrounded by the illegal settlements of Bracha and Yitzhar, that have grown exponentially and their inhabitants are responsible for hundreds of attacks against Palestinians. On 30 March each year Palestinians remember Land Day, so called because in 1976 tens of thousands of dunums of land was confiscated by Apartheid Israel from Palestinians in the Gailee area of Palestine. This sparked widespread popular resistance to the Occupation and a general strike which lasted 6 months. Many Palestinians were killed and attacked in the brutal crackdown by Apartheid Israel.

Burin village continues to resistance and attempt to claim back their stolen land. SFP supports the village in its endeavors, as it doesn’t wait for negotiations or for the settlers to swallow up the whole village. Activists are clear they will take back the land from the river to the sea.

We ask all lovers of freedom and justice around the world to please consider donating towards SFP’s activities so we can continue to support Burin and more villages reclaim their land. To find out how to donate please click here.



قام مركز الشهيد بلال النجار الثقافي و حركة التضامن من اجل فلسطين حرة  بزراعة اشجار حرجية في منطقة حي المناطير في ذكرى يوم الارض و اثناء زراعة الاشجار هاجم عشرات الجنود النشطاء و بداو باطلاق قنابل الغاز و وقنابل الصوت حيث اصيب عدد من النشطاء بحالات اختناق نقل على اثرها البعض الى المستشفى

يوم الأرض الفلسطيني هو يوم يحييه الفلسطينيون في 30 آذار من كلّ سنة ذكرى يوم الأرض الخالد، والذي تعود أحداثه لآذار 1976 بعد أن قامت السّلطات الإسرائيلية بمصادرة آلاف الدّونمات من الأراضي ذات الملكيّة الخاصّة أو المشاع في نطاق حدود مناطق ذو أغلبيّة سكانيّة فلسطينيّة مطلقة، وخاصّة في الجليل.(عرابة) على اثر هذا المخطّط قرّرت الجماهير العربيّة بالدّاخل الفلسطينيّ بإعلان الإضراب الشّامل، متحدّية ولأوّل مرّة بعد احتلال فلسطين عام 1948 السّلطات الإسرائيليّة، وكان الرّدّ الإسرائيليّ عسكريّ شديد إذ دخلت قوّات معزّزة من الجيش الإسرائيليّ مدعومة بالدّبّابات والمجنزرات إلى القرى الفلسطينيّة(عرابة) وأعادت احتلالها موقعة شهداء وجرحى بين صفوف المدنيّين العزل.

حركة التضامن من اجل فلسطين تدعوا كافة المواطنين بتدعم العمل والمقاومة الشعبية  في كافة انحاء الوطن و مقاطعة المحتل في كافة اشكاله  في يوم اللارض الخالد

حركة التضامن من اجل فلسطين حرة ترجوا من المؤمنين بالقضية الفلسطينة التبرع  لهدم الفصل العنصري

Photo courtesy of Ahmad Talat Hasan


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