01/04/14: Israeli Army demolishes homes in Khirbet Humsa

On Tuesday morning, at approximately 9am, the Israeli Army entered the Jordan Valley village of Khirbet Humsa and demolished the homes of four families. 13 shelters were demolished, which consisted of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and rooms the family used to produce good. In an hour three families were made homeless, which includes 10 children, left sitting under the sun.

10 jeeps, 1 Bulldozer and a forklift invaded the village, located in the Northern Jordan Valley area. During the demolition the Army also stole some of the contents of the homes and materials the homes were built from.

Khirbet Humsa is home to 14 families and according the the failed Oslo Accords the whole village is located in Area C, under full Israeli civil and military control. The village is surrounded by 4 illegal settlements, that steal vital water resources, and 4 Army camps.

At 10:30am the same day, the Army invaded Khirbet ‘Ein Karzaliyah, located in the middle of the Jordan Valley, making another family homeless, destroying their home and an animal shelter.

The Jordan Valley is located on a rich water resource. Apartheid Israel has been adopting a policy of ethnic cleansing of the Valley since the beginning of the occupation of the West Bank area of Palestine in 1967. Palestinians are regularly denied permission to build and ancient villages and their Bedouin inhabitants have their homes demolished at little to no notice. OCHA, the UN organisation that monitors the humanitarian situation in occupied Palestine, recently issued a map showing the latest demolitions by the Israeli Army in the Jordan Valley in 2013. Please click here to see the map.

Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign (JVS) and SFP support the people of the Jordan Valley to remain steadfast on their land. JVS aims to protect the existence and Palestinian nature of the Jordan Valley. JVS welcomes donations to support their work. To make a donation or find out more about the campaign please click here.

Humsa_1_April_2014_d Humsa_1_April_2014_e Humsa_1_April_2014_b


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