04/04/14: Remembering the 1936 Arab Revolt

On the anniversary of the Arab Revolt, 3 April, against the British Mandate in Palestine, Abu Mohammed from Burin, shares with us his memories of what some call the 1st Intifada.

The Arab Revolt, as it has become known, was an uprising against the British Occupation of Palestine and increasing Jewish settlement. Palestinians rose up in peaceful demonstrations across Palestine. On 3 April 1936 Palestinians declared a strike which lasted for 6 months.

The British brutally suppressed the uprising with many of the Palestinian leaders murdered. As Palestinians remember the uprising, an uprising that continues to this day, they are still waiting for justice and recognition from the British authorities for the brutal role they played in what has now become over 90 years of British and now Apartheid Israeli occupation.

However, just like the brave resistance they displayed against the British, Palestinians continue to resist against Apartheid Israel, until victory and all of Palestine is free.



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