04/04/14: SFP join Qaryut as they reclaim their land

On Friday 4 April SFP joined the village of Qaryut as they reclaimed their land near the illegal settlement of Gilo. Hundreds of villagers walked towards the illegal settlement and prayed on the land, watched over by settlers and soldiers. 

Earlier in the week Qaryut had been handed a paper stating that Apartheid Israel was confiscating thousands of dunums of village land to create a tourist area. Land of particular archaeological and historical significance. In a meeting, attended by SFP, earlier in the week the village vowed not to give up their land. Today marked what activists promised would be the start of a campaign to reclaim back all their land.

The villages of Qaryut, Qusra and Jalud are surrounded by numerous illegal settlements. Illegal settlements built on stolen Palestinian land and housing criminal settlers who just this week set fire to some of Qaryut’s ancient olive trees.  

SFP and Qaryut are united in their resistance and determination. We ask all those who believe in freedom and justice to join us in that resistance and abide by the Palestinians request for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel. To find out how to boycott and join the campaign please click here.


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