05/04/14: Activists return and destroy settler monument

On Saturday afternoon activists from the popular resistance returned to a settler monument on the road near Beit Lid village to destroy it for a second time. The monument had been repaired by settlers since activists burnt it two weeks ago.

Activists were clear in their message that they would never accept the Occupation of their land or it’s symbols. Wherever they were to be found activists would tear them down and return the land to Palestine and the native Palestinian inhabitants.

We ask everyone to join that struggle and abide by the Palestinians request for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel. To find out about the campaign and how to boycott please click here.

نشطاء المقاومة الشعبية يقومون بحرق النصب التذكاري الذي أقامه المستوطنين بجانب قرية بيت ليد ويذكر ان هذه المرة الثانية التي يقوم بها النشطاء بحرق هذا النصب التذكاري حيث وجه النشطاء رساله واضحة انهم لن يقبلون و باي شكل من. الأشكال هذا الاحتلال الغاصب و سوف يستمرون في هدم الفصل العنصري في جميع أنحاء فلسطين من النهر الى البحر


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