07/04/14: SFP honours the martyrs of the Nablus invasion, 2002

On Monday evening activists from SFP, joined by the Tanweer Centre, marched around the streets of the Old City (Casbah) to honour the martyrs of the April 2002 invasion. Activists proceeded to Qaryun Square, where many Palestinians were killed including the al-Sha’bi family, which had been killed when the Israeli Army demolished their house on top of them, murdering 8 members of the family, including 3 children. The 7 April represents the bloodiest day for Nablus’s residents.

April 2002 was one of the bloodiest months of the Second Intifada with hundreds of Palestinians killed as the Israeli Army invaded cities across the West Bank. Nablus, known for its strong resistance, was therefore one of the cities singled out for the harshest Israeli terrorism. As well as the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians, the city was under curfew for months and millions of pounds worth of damage was done, particularly in the Casbah which is of historical importance.

As well as the destruction meted out to Nablus and other cities, the Israeli Army systematically destroyed and massacred refugees in the Jenin Refugee Camp. The camp was almost entirely destroyed as the Army bulldozers demolished homes on the heads of the residents.

While the Second Intifada has ended the Palestinians struggle for freedom and accountability for the war crimes Apartheid Israel committed still continues. In honour of all those that lost their lives for the struggle for Palestinian freedom we ask all people to abide by the boycott, divestment and sanctions request against Apartheid Israel. To find out how to boycott please click here.

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