21/04/14: Tearing down the symbols of Apartheid

On Easter Monday morning activists set fire to a statute dedicated to an illegal settler. The statute was erected by settler terrorists in honour of one of their members killed while illegally colonizing Palestinian land. Activists are clear that they will tear down the symbols of Apartheid on their land.

Illegal settlements, their Apartheid roads and infrastructure cover the West Bank area of Palestine, leaving Palestinians with only 22% control of their land in the West Bank. These illegal settlements have expanded rapidly in the last year with 2013 seeing over 100% increase in building.

With the negotiations between the PA and Apartheid Israel on the brink of collapse and Apartheid Israel continuing their illegal colonization of Palestine, activists have committed to tearing down those structures and returning the land to Palestine and Palestinians, from the river to the sea.

قام نشطاء المقاومة الشعبية بحرق نصب تذكاري يعود لمستوطن قتل قبل عشرة اعوام بالقرب من مستوطنة غلعاد القريبة من قرية جيت
واكد النشطاء انهم سوف يستمرون في هدم الفصل العنصري و هذه الانصبه التذكاريه التي يبتقرها المستوطنون لسرقة الارض و اكدو ايضا انهم مستمرون في هذه الاعمال حتى استرداد كافة حقوقنا المشروعة و استعادة ارضنا المسلوبة من النهر الى البحر

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