29/04/14: SFP and Nablus shows solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike

In the square of Nablus activists have erected a tent in solidarity with the 195 Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli Apartheid Occupation prisons. SFP activists along with local prisoner rights groups have been keeping a constant presence at the tent and organising activities to promote awareness and support for the hunger striking prisoners.

On 24 April a mass hunger strike was launched by Palestinian prisoners held under what is known as “administrative detention”. This is when Palestinians are held with no charge for up to 6 months before they are required to appear before a Judge. These orders can then be renewed indefinitely and regularly cite secret evidence that they and their lawyers have no access to.

According to Addameer (the Palestinian NGO supporting prisoners and human rights):

The strike is currently taking place in Ofer, Megiddo and the Naqab Prisons and there are plans to escalate the strike should the striking detainee’s demands not be met. The general demand of the hunger strikers is an end to the use of administrative detention. The hunger strikers are also specifically demanding that extensions to administrative detention orders are limited to one extension only.
As of 1 March 2014 there were 183 Palestinians being held without charge or trial under administrative detention, including 9 Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) members. This number has been steadily increasing over the last year. In 2014 alone, Israel has used administrative detention against 142 detainees, including renewing existing orders and issuing new orders.
The hunger strike can be traced back to May 2012 when an agreement was reached between the Israeli Prison Service and representatives of the prisoners, which brought an end to a mass hunger strike involving approximately 2,000 political prisoners. As part of this agreement Israel agreed to limit its use of administrative detention to only exceptional circumstances. However, since then Israel has reneged on the agreement and has continued to use administrative detention on a systematic basis leaving the detainees with little choice but to launch a fresh strike.
SFP will continue to support all prisoners and their families. SFP is clear that we will not wait for negotiations to bring the prisoners back home but will work towards bringing them home ourselves. We ask all those that believe in justice to help in that mission and abide by the request for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel. We particularly ask that activists work towards actions related to the British/Dutch firm G4S, which supplies much of the prison infrastructure used by Apartheid Israel. For more details on G4S and the Stop G4S campaign in the UK please click here.
نابلس -الفلسطينييون يقيمون خيمه تضامن مع الاسرى المضرين عن الطعام  على ميدان الشهداء في نابلس  وقد عبر المنظمون للخيمه عن برنامج و سلسله فعاليات تضامنيه مع الاسرى الادارييين  المضربين عن الطعام  والمقدر عددهم 195 اسير اعلنوا اضرابهم قبل خمسة ايام   وقد زار الخيمه اهالي الاسرى والمؤسسات الوطنيه.. حركة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حرهsfp  شريكه في الخيمه ومن المشاركين في الخطوات والفعاليات القادمه من اجل دعم الاسرى والمطالبه بالافراج عنهم  ويذكر ان داخل السجون الاسرائيليه  اكثر من خمسه الاف اسير فلسطيني  يتعرضون لاستفزازت  وعقوبات من قبل اداره مصلحة السجون  الاسرائيليه  عدا عن الاهمال الطبي والعزل الانفرادي وقد طالب الاسرى الفلسطينييون المؤسسات الرسميه والاهليه  والاهالي الى التضامن معهم عبر التوجه الى الشوراع واقامة خيم الاعتصام التضامنيه

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