02/05/14: Nablus dedicates Friday prayers to hunger striking prisoners

At noon prayers hundreds of Nablus’s residents gathered in the central square, outside the protest tent, to perform Friday prayers for the Palestinian prisoner held in administrative detention in Israeli Apartheid prisons. SFP along with other Nablusi confirmed that they would continue to support the prisoners and work towards bringing them all back home.

This came after a night when a large force of Israeli Army had invaded the City. At approximately 01:30am hundreds of soldiers attacked the Ras Al Ein area and Old City neighbourhood, while a helicopter hovered overheard. Explosions and gunshots could be heard for four hours while soldiers attacked residents while they had been sleeping. Two young men were reported to have been kidnapped by the Army during the invasion. The Army eventually left, after strong resistance from Nablus, at 05:30am. The Army had also invaded the previous night for a few hours, indicating an increase in Israeli Army terrorism against the city.

Please click here for SFP’s report about the prisoners on hunger strike.

الجمعه -2-5-2014 نابلس -ميدان الشهداء .. المئات من اهالي محافظه نابلس قاموا اليوم بالصلاه في ميدان الشهداء قرب خيمه الاعتصام تضامنا مع الاسرى الاداريين المضربين عن الطعام وقد انطلقت مسيره بعد انتهاء الصلاه عبر فيها المشاركون عن دعمهم للاسرى ومطالبتهم بالحريه لجميع الاسرى واكدو على ضرورة تظافر الجهود العربيه والدوليه من اجل حريه الاسرى ومحاكمه اسرائيل على ممارساتها العنصريه ضد الاسرى بشكل خاص والشعب الفلسطيني بشكل عام ..حركة تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره sfp رفعت شعارات اكدت فيها على التضامن مع الاسرى ورفعت شعارات تؤكد فيها على ان قضبان السجن والسجان لن يرهبنا وسنكسر القيد وسيرى الاسرى الحريه


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