08/05/14: Messages of solidarity for Palestinian hunger striking prisoners

Today Palestinian prisoners are on mass on a one day solidarity hunger strike with those Palestinians on their 15th day of an open ended hunger strike against their illegal administrative detention by Apartheid Israel. 
Administrative detention is a procedure in which Palestinians are arbitrarily arrested and detained without charge or trial based on a secret file. There are currently 183 Palestinians under administrative detention, 9 of them members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. There are currently 95 detainees on hunger strike in Ofer, Megiddo and Naqab prisons. For more details please visit Addameer, the Palestinian prisoner human rights group, website here.
Below are some more messages from those who are also joining the prisoners on hunger strike in solidarity for the day:
Aseel Najjar: Because they are fighting for us we must return the favour,even if it is just a small part, to let them know that their suffering is our suffering and their rights are our rights, today I am on hunger strike in solidarity with my people in prison. 
اسيل نجار لانهم يقاتلون من اجلنا يجب ان نقد لهم ولو لشيء بسيط لناكد لهم ان معانتهم هي معانتنا وحقهم هو حقنا اليوم انا مضرب عن الطعام تضامنا مع ابناء شعبي في السجون
Walid Eid: The least I can do to support our prisoners is to be in solidarity with them in their struggle against the Occupation policy. Today I am on hunger strike in solidarity with my brothers and friends in prison. 
وليد عيد : اقل شيء يمكن ان نقدم لاسرانا في السجون هو ان نضتامن معهم في نضالهم ضد سياسة الاحتلال االاسرائيلي انا اليوم مضرب عن الطعام تضامنا مع اخوتي و رفاقي هناك
Ahmed Asaus: I am a former prisoner and I am showing my support for my friends in Israeli prisons on hunger strike, so I announce I will hunger today solidarity.
احمد عسعوس : انا كاسير سابق ادعم و اتضامن مع رفاقي و اختوي في السجون الاسرائيليه في اضرابهم و اعلن اضرابي عن الطعام اليوم


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