16/05/14: SFP faces the Occupation the day after 2 martyrs

On Friday, after the midday prayers, SFP Nablus went to Huwwara checkpoint and faced the Occupation to tell them they would pay for their crimes. The day before a child and young man was murdered by the Israeli Army demonstrating outside Ofer Israeli Military prison. Muhammad Audah Abu al-Thahir (22 years old) and Nadim Siyam Nuwarah (17 years old) were both shot with a live bullet to the chest. Both were unarmed.

This came on the same day that Palestinians across Palestine and around the world commemorated the Nakba (the ‘catastrophe’ in English), when Zionist forces, violently attacked and forced Palestinians from their homes to create their State of Israel. Some 750,000 Palestinians were made homeless and now these refugees and their descendants amount to nearly 6.5 million. Their right to return home is enshrined in international law.

Not only were Palestinians commemorating the massacres and forced expulsion from their homes in 1948, administrative detainees were on their 22nd day on hunger strike, protesting against their internment by Apartheid Israel without trail or charge.

SFP will continue the struggle until all the refugees are able to go home and the prisoners are free. We ask people around the world to join that struggle and abide by the request for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel. To find out how to boycott please click here.





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