17/05/14: 66 years after the Nakba, activists say it’s time for the Occupation to go

On Saturday morning activists placed eviction notices along a main road frequented by illegal settlers and Army telling them to leave their land, and that Palestine would be free from the river to the sea. The activists declared that they would remove the Occupation from their land and that this formed part of a wider campaign to end the Occupation.

The notices placed along main roads by activists comes 66 years after 750,000 Palestinians were forced at gunpoint from their homes as Zionists terror groups declared their State of Israel on Palestine. Today the refugees number more than 6 million and are scattered across numerous refugee camps both inside Palestine and neighbouring countries. Each year since the declaration by Zionsts of the State of Israel, the refugees right to return has been affirmed in international law.

SFP will continue the struggle until all refugees are able to go home. To help us continue our resistance we ask for any donations, big or small, you may be able to make. To find out how to donate please click here.

قام نشطاء من المقاومة الشعبية بوضع يافطات على جوانب شارع ٦٠ القريب من مستوطنة يتسهار القريبة من مدينة نابلس تدعو المستوطنين ان يرحلوا من الارض التي احتلوها و تضمن أيضاً كتابات دعما للأسرى في سجون الاحتلال و في ذكرى النكبة ٦٦ وكد أكد النشطاء انهم سوف يستمرون في أنشطتهم حتى ازالة لفصل العنصري و تحرير فلسطين من النهر الى البحر

حركة التضامن من اجل فلسطين حرة تدعم كافة نش طاء المقاومة الشعبية وتأكد على الاستمرار في النضال حتى تحرير كافة الاراضي المحتلة


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