ACTION ALERT: Mass hunger strike called for Monday 19 May in solidarity with Palestinian detainees


19 MAY 2014

In solidarity with Palestinian Administrative Detainees on hunger strike in Israeli Apartheid prisons activists have requested people around the world participate in a one day solidarity hunger strike. They also ask for the following:

  • Drink only water from dawn till sunset.
  • Inform your community about the plight of Palestinian prisoners.
  • Inform your community about the continuing Israeli human rights violations & oppression of the Palestinian people.
  • Lobby and pressure your governments to condemn Israeli human rights violations and work to end the Israeli military occupation & colonization of Palestine.
  • Support the BDS movement against Israeli Apartheid.
  • Support a free, democratic Palestine in a free democratic world.

We ask everyone to participate & share this initiative with others. Click here for the Facebook page to share with your friends.

Thank you for your solidarity.

Please click here for SFP’s previous reports on the detainees on hunger strike.

اليوم العالمي للإضراب عن الطعام
تضامناً مع أسرانا البواسل في الإعتقال الإداري المضربين عن الطعام ومع كافة أسرانا الأبطال في سجون الاحتلال الصهيوني العنصرية.
يوم الإثنين، ١٩-٥-٢٠١٤

من الفجر حتى المساء
لا تشرب سوى الماء
حتى يتنفس أحبابنا الهواء
هواء الحرية…



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