24/05/14: SFP Hebron demonstrates in support of prisoners in Fawwar

On Saturday 24 May activists from SFP joined the popular resistance in Hebron to demonstrate against the Occupation and the policy of administrative detention of Palestinians near Fawwar refugee camp. Activists were attacked by the Army with tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets. SFP member Imad Abu Shmssih was fired at and hit with a rubber coated steel bullet in his leg and transferred to hospital. We are pleased to say he has been discharged from hospital and is recovering at home.

Activists were facing the Occupation to demand the release of over 100 Palestinian political prisoners held without charge or trial. The detainees are now on their 31st day on hunger strike, launching the open ended strike one month ago. The use by Apartheid Israel of interning Palestinians without charge or trial is in direct violation of international law, which states the practice must only be used in limited circumstances and for limited periods. Some detainees have had their internment orders renewed several times (they are required under Israeli Military law to appear before a judge every 6 months), and have no hope of defending themselves as the ‘evidence’ presented against them is kept secret from them and their lawyers.

In 2012 an mass hunger strike was announced by Palestinian political prisoners peacefully protesting their internment and conditions. In an agreement with the Occupation to end the strike, Apartheid Israel agreed to limit the use of administrative detention. This was promptly renegaded upon by the Occupation, which began interning Palestinians again.

There are currently over 120 detainees on hunger strike, and they are determined to withstand the terrorism of Apartheid Israel. Detainees have stated their hunger strike will not end until Apartheid Israel agrees to end the use entirely of administrative detention in line with international law. SFP encourages people who believe in freedom and justice to abide by the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel. To find out how to boycott please click here. In addition, we particularly ask that activists work towards actions related to the British/Dutch firm G4S, which supplies much of the prison infrastructure used by Apartheid Israel. For more details on G4S and the Stop G4S campaign in the UK please click here.

فلسطين -الخليل1-6-2014. شارك نشطاء حركة التضامن الدولية من اجل فلسطين حرة في فاعلية تضامن ودعم للاسرى المضربيعن عن الطعام في سجون الاحتلال, حيث

أصيب 5 بحالات اختناق وأغماء نتيجة لأطلاق الغاز بشكل مكثف ضد المتظاهرين سلميا وتم نقل عماد ابو شمسية من نشطاء حركة التضامن من اجل فلسطين حرة الى المستشفى نتجية تعرضة لأصابة مباشرة في القدم اليمنى.حيث قامت قوات الاحتلال الصهيوني بقمع مظاهرة سلمية بالقوة وذلك بعد استخدام قنابل المسيلة لدموع وقنابل الصوت بشكل مكثف حيث تم تنظيم المظاهرة في الشارع الالتفافي في منطقة مخيم الفوار شرق الخليل دعماً وتأيداً للاسرى المضربين عن الطعام في سجون الاحتلال الاسرائيلي لليوم 31 على التوالي, وخاصة الاسرى الادارين والذي يشكل اعتقالهم مخالفة للقانون الدولي.
وتأتي هذه المسيرات والاعتصامات ضمن سلسلة فعاليات تهدف الى الضغط على اسرائيل في من اجل اغلاق ملف الاعتقال الاداري والتعامل مع الاسرى الفلسطينين كأسرى حرب واحترام الاتفاقيات الدولية الموقعة بخصوص اسرى الحرب.

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