04/06/14: SFP joins mourners in burying Alaa Awad, murdered by the Israeli Army

SFP joined thousands of mourners on Wednesday to bury 30 year old Alaa Awad in his village of Huwwara. Alaa was murdered by the Israeli Army at Za’tara checkpoint, just south of Nablus, on Monday evening. He was shot dead without warning while waiting to collect a delivery for his mobile phone shop.

Alaa had multiple gunshot wounds and the Israeli Army delayed handing over his body to his family for over 24 hours. The Army allege that Alaa shot at a soldier, however the taxi driver who drove Alaa to Za’tara checkpoint that evening said he did not see Alaa carrying anything and he left him waiting at a bus stop for his delivery. His family are adamant that the married father of two small children, was collecting a delivery for his mobile phone business.

Last month the Israeli Army shot dead two Palestinian children at a demonstration to commerate the Nakba. Immediately following the shooting the Army alleged they had fired no live ammunition that day and tried to claim the deaths were the result of Palestinian gun fire or staged. Video footage later emerged showing the deaths and the soldier shooting.

Apartheid Israel has a long history of lying about the circumstances of the deaths of Palestinians. This year alone not only were the shooting of the two children shown to be lies but also the death of a Palestinian judge at the Jordanian/ Palestinian border. The Army initially alleged he attacked a soldier and was shot as a result, but witness and photographic evidence points to an unprovoked murder. Of course, the most famous image of Israeli lies is the death of Muhammad Al Dura, a child shot by the Army while cowering with his father from the barrage of Army gunfire behind a barrel. A lasting image of the Second Intifada, which Israel continues to spread lies about and has never been held to account.

SFP demands justice for all the Palestinian martyrs and will not rest until justice is served. We ask all people around the world to ensure their hard earned money is not used by Apartheid Israel to kill more Palestinians. We ask you all to abide by the request for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel. To find out how to boycott please click here. We also encourage to apply pressure to your respective representatives and Governments to cease arms trades with Apartheid Israel.

شيعت جماهير غفيرة ظهر اليوم الاربعاء، جثمان الشهيد علاء عودة الى مثواه في مسقط رأسه ببلدة حوارة جنوب نابلس.
وكان علاء عودة (30 عاما) استشهد في ساعة مبكرة من فجر أمس الثلاثاء، على حاجز زعترة المقام على بعد كيلومترات قليلة من البلدة بعد أن أطلق عليه الجنود عدة رصاصات قاتله استقرت في جسده.
وعلاء متزوج وله طفلان يبلغان من العمر اربع و سنة ونصف ويعمل في محل لتصليح الهواتف النقالة في البلدة وهو ليس الأول الذي يقتل بدم بارد على هذا الحاجز العسكري.
وكانت قوات الاحتلال الإسرائيلي سلمت جثمان الشهيد عودة إلى ذويه ليلة أمس بعد احتجازها لعدة ساعات.
وقد سلم جثمان الشهيد عودة على حاجز عورتا شرق مدينه نابلس، قبل أن ينقل إلى مستشفى رفيديا الحكومي بمرافقة عشرات المركبات وعدد كبير من مواطني بلدة حوارة ومدينة نابلس.
قال والد الشهيد ان علاء ذهب لاستلام بضاعة للمحل الذي يعمل به و هو عبارة عن محل لبيع الاجهزة الخلوية و الاتصالات في بلدة حوارة و قد قام جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي باطلاق النار عليه دون سابق انذار حيث اخترقت جسده 14 رصاصة حاقدة ارتده شهيدا

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