17/06/14: Israeli terrorism continues up north, Nablus

Following on from the attacks and siege on the southern city of Hebron, the Israeli Army invaded the northern city of Nablus terrorising residents across the city, particularly targeting Balata refugee camp. At approximately 1am dozens of Israeli jeeps invaded the camp, destroying property and kidnapping residents. The residents liken the attacks on the camp to the mass Israeli terrorism against the Palestinian people in 2002, when dozens of cities were invaded and homes destroyed.

The Army attacked with dogs, allowing them to destroy and urinate all over the furniture and clothes. One of the homes invaded and vandalised was the Director of the Yaffa Cultural Centre, Fayez Arafat. Fayez described how the soldiers had no regard for his terrified children, who as a result were unable to sleep all night.

The Army kidnapped 8 camp residents, while also conducting raids across the city. Hebron has been under siege since 3 illegal settlers disappeared from the occupied West Bank area of Palestine. The Israeli Army announced today that they would be focusing their terrorism on the city of Nablus next, despite a complete lack of evidence as to the whereabouts of the missing illegal settlers.

This has all been within the backdrop of Palestinian detainees, who entered their 54th day on hunger strike, protesting their kidnapping by Apartheid Israel and detention without trial or charge in violation of international law.

SFP asks everyone around the world to not allow the co-opting of the media by Apartheid Israel, and continue to raise the issue of Palestinians (including nearly 200 Palestinian children) kidnapped by Apartheid Israel and interned in Apartheid prisons. Zionists have been using the Twitter hashtag #bringtheboysbackhome to spread their propaganda. We ask social media users to use this handle to highlight the truth about the hundreds of Palestinians being kidnapped by Apartheid Israel.

في حوالي الساعه الواحده من صباح يوم الثلاثاء -17/6 اقتحم  المئات من جنود الاحتلال الاسرائيلي  مواقع متفرقه من محافظه نابلس وكان مخيم بلاطه من اكثر المناطق تضررا حيث اقتحم مئات الجنود مخيم بلاطه في حوالى الساعه الواحده وقام بتدمير محتويات اكثر من ثلاتون بيتا  وكان يرافق الجنود كلاب وذكرت احدى السيدات التي اقتحم الجنود بيتها ان طريقه الاقتحام كانت همجيه  ووحشيه تذكرها باجتياح نيسان 2002  وقالت  ان الجنود دمروا كافة المحتويات  والجدران  بحيث لم يعد يمكن الاستفاده من اثاث البيت  وقالت ان الكلاب البولسيه دخلت البيت وقامت بالتبول على اثاث  البيت  والفراش الامر الذي يجعل اعاده استخدامه امرا مستحيلا  كما ذكرت زوجه فايز عرفات مسؤول مركز يافا الثقافي والذي تم اقتحام بيته وتدمير محتوياته ايضا ان هذه الحمله عنيفه جدا ولم تراعي او تحترم حتى حقوق الاطفال فالطريقة الوحشيه باقتحام  البيت ارعبت الاطفال  وهم لا زالوا بحاله رعب من هول الصدمة وعنف الجنود تجاه الجميع يذكر انه تم اعتقال 8 اشخاص من المخيم

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  1. I’m so sorry fo the pal. people in this case especialy in Balata camp. The senesless violance of the israel. armee is not understandable. Or do the want to provoque resistance and violance from the palestinians at all prices ?

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