18/06/14: Israeli terrorism continues…. Teenager left for dead

As Apartheid Israel conducts mass terrorism across the West Bank area of Palestine in their alleged search for 3 missing illegal settlers, they invaded Nablus city again last night, badly beating a teenager and leaving him for dead. The Army also kidnapped a further 51 Palestinians bringing the total arrests across the occupied West Bank to nearly 300 in 5 days.

The Army attacked across Nablus city in the early hours of the morning, firing volleys of tear gas into sleeping residents homes and firing live ammunition at young children who bravely attempted to resist their acts of terror. As well as kidnapping Palestinians the Army have been stealing and destroying property and homes, and attacking Palestinans. Below details one such example.

Qusi Mahmoud Qandeel, 19 years old, left his home on the south mountain just opposite Balata refugee camp, at around 03:30am as usual to go to his work in a local bakery. Despite the massive Army presence in the city, Palestinians bravely and resolutely will not allow the Occupation to prevent them from attempting to conduct their daily lives. So despite the Army being all around and sound bombs and shooting being heard across the city Qusi left for work to help his family as normal.

At 04:30am, around the time the Army withdrew from Nablus, his brother Khames also left for work at the bakery. On his journey he heard a rasping sound, like someone trying to breath. As he investigated he found his brother lying on the ground unconscious, covered in blood. As he attempted to wake him and call for help his brother came round just enough to whisper to him that the Army had attacked him with wooden planks, before he fell unconscious again.

SFP visited Qusi is hospital (he also happens to be the cousin of an SFP member) where he is unconscious in Intensive Care Unit of Rafidia Hospital after undergoing an operation. Doctors confirmed that the next 72 hours he would be under intensive observation. Qusi was admitted with a serious head wound and blood was seen flowing from his ear. This can be a sign of a fractured skull or worse. Qusi also had a broken left hand, swelling on his neck and cuts all over his forearms, where he had clearly tried to defend himself from the blows.

Qusi was found near his home one hour after he had left. The soldiers had attacked him and then pushed him down the hill, leaving him for dead. Qusi is one of three brothers, but Qusi and Khames older brother was killed by the Army in 2004. SFP was very relieved that today his family are not mourning another son lost.

Nablus and across the West Bank area of Palestine is under heightened terrorism since the alleged disappearance of 3 illegal settlers last Thursday. Apartheid Israel has used to opportunity to unleash mass terror on the Palestinian population! not just targeting Hamas activists, which it claims kidnapped these illegal settlers, but any and all Palestinians. At the time of writing the southern city of Hebron is still under siege by the Army, with all entry and exit points blocked. Below also shows checkpoints south of Nablus, Huwwara, closed today causing massive disruptions. SFP understands Zatara checkpoint, between Nablus and Ramallah was also randomly closed by the Army, aiming to cause massive disruption and difficulty for the occupied Palestinian population. The closure and siege on Palestinian cities is reminiscent of the Second Intifada, when Apartheid Israel attacked Palestinians and their cities as they rose up in defiance of the illegal Occupation of their land. This was also noted by Palestinians yesterday in Balata refugee camp, which describe Monday nights invasion as like the Second Intifada.

Like Hebron and across the West Bank Palestinians are bracing themselves for another night of terror. SFP ask that you all share the truth and challenge the mainstreams media coverage of 3 illegal settlers alleged kidnapping, compared to the hundreds and thousands of Palestinians kidnapped daily by Apartheid Israel. We ask you to use the hashtag on social media #bringourboysbackhome to highlight to kidnapping of Palestinians, which is being used by Zionist to dominate social media feeds with false news about the alleged kidnappings of the illegal settlers.

في سياق الممارسات الاسرائيليه العنصريه بحق الشعب الفلسطيني وما يمارسه من اجتياحات ليليه واعتقالات فقد اقدم الجنود الاسرائلييون على اغلاق حاجز حواره وزعتره والتي تفصل بين نابلس ورام الله جنوب نابلس دون معرفه الاسباب وادى ذلك الى حدوث ازمه مروريه خانقه سيما ان سياسة الاغلاقات والتشديد على الحواجز اعادت الى الاذهان الاغلاقات والممارسات العنصريه ابان انتفاضه الاقصى
وعبر نشطاء المقاومه الشعبيه عن رفضهم لهذه الممارسات مطالبين المجتمع الدولي بتحمل مسؤلياته ومؤكدين على ضروره تصعيد المقاومه الشعبيه في وجه الممارسات العنصريه الاسرائيليه وعن ضروره الاستمرار بالانشطه التضامنيه مع الاسرى المضربين عن الطعام



Khames Qandeel covered in the blood of his brother Qusi


Qusi Qandeel in ICU today (18/06/14)


Qusi Qandeel after being left for dead by the Israeli Army

Qusi Qandeel’s initial doctors assessment

Huwwara checkpoint, just south of Nablus today

Hundreds of commenters left stranded at Huwwara checkpoint as the Army arbitrarily close Nablus


Army firing indiscriminately in Nablus (18/06/14)


Army jeeps invading Nablus city (18/06/14)



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  1. Update: SFP activists yesterday went to visit 19 year old Qusi Qandeel in Rafidia Hospital, beaten and left for dead by the Israeli Army in Nablus in the early hours of Wednesday morning. He is still in ICU but was conscious and able to say a few words to us. He was very drowsy as they have to keep him sedated due to his severe head wound.

    The doctor told us he had splinters of his skull in his brain and they were able to successfully remove these during his operation on Wednesday. However, he now has a piece of his skull missing and so in 6 months time will need a further operation to fix this.

    We were very happy to see Qusi awake despite his severe pain and suffering. A massive respect to the Palestinian doctors who as ever give professional, quality and compassionate care despite the Occupation. And of course all our love to Qusi and his family. We will continue to visit and keep contact with the family in case they need any help.

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