22/06/14: Israel’s insatiable blood lust and looting

As Apartheid Israel’s campaign of terror entered it’s 10th day, the Army’s thirst for Palestinian blood was insatiable. As cities across the West Bank area endured another night of invasions and terror the Army shot dead 30 year old Muhammad Ismail Atallah Tarifi and 27 year old mentally disabled Ahmad Said Suod Khalid.

The Army also kidnapped dozens more Palestinians, bringing the total so far to well over 400. All pretense of a hunt for the 3 allegedly kidnapped illegal settlers seems to have been dropped by Israel as the Army terrorise residents in mass and have began looting, with reports across the West Bank of soldiers stealing thousands of dollars from homes they ransack.

Mean while as Apartheid Israel continues to satisfy it’s thirsty for blood, Palestinian detainees enter their 60th day on hunger strike. Peacefully protesting their illegal internment without trial or charge.

Below provide accounts from SFP activists on the ground:


In scenes not seen since the invasions of 2002, the Army invaded central Ramallah, the home of the Palestinian Authority. As they terrorise residents the youth of Ramallah put up brave resistance. Muhammad was shot dead by what looks like a sniper as he was on the roof of a building. His body was not found until the morning.

SFP activist Muna al-Dalou was also injured in the head when a stun grenade was fired directly at her. Many more we injured during the invasion.

On Sunday as mourners carried Muhammad’s body for burial, illegal settlers opened fire on mourners with live ammunition. Several were thought to have been injured but we do not have accurate figures at the time of writing.

The street of central Ramallah covered in stones as young people resist the Army invasion (photo courtesy of Maan News)

30 year old Muhammad Ismail Atallah Tarifi found shot dead by an Israeli sniper on a roof on Sunday morning (photo courtesy of Al Quds media)

SFP activist Muna al-Dalou’s head wound after being shot at with a stun grenade in Ramallah


SFP activist Muna al-Dalou


SFP activist Muna al-Dalou and others recover after being shot at with stun grenades by the Israeli Army in Ramallah


The Army invaded and ransacked and kidnapped several Palestinians from Nablus villages, including: Madama, Urif and Salem. As their thirst for terror continued their again turned their attention to Nablus’s refugee population and camps.

In the early hours if the morning they invaded Al Ein refugee camp to the west of the city. As morning broke and residents woke to perform dawn prayers the Army shot dead 27 year old Ahmad Said Suod Khalid.

Witnessed stated that Ahmad had wanted to enter the mosque to pray and had been prevented by the Army. His family stated he was mentally disabled. The Army claim that he approached them ‘in a threatening manner’, however it is not clear how this justified his shooting in what appears to be an execution. Particularly as it should be noted that dawn had broken and Nablus by then would have been light, therefore the soldiers would have been able to clearly see Ahmad and judge that he was not carrying anything or pose any threat.

SFP join mourners as they buried Khaled in a cemetery Nablus. Another young life murdered by the same Occupiers that forced his grandparents at gunpoint from their homes in 1948 Palestine.

مرحبا ..ممكن نقول الى الاصدقاء في كافه انحاء العالم ..الى كافه الاحرار …الى الراغبين بالانضمام الى حملات التضامن مع الشعب الفلسطيني فان حركه تضامن من اجل فلسطين حره تدعوكم للانضمام والمشاركه للتضامن مع الشعب الفلسطيني الذي يتعرض يوميا لاجتياح واعتقالات وقتل حركة تضامن جاهزه لاستقبال كافة المتضامنين في كافه المواقع

27 year old Ahmad Said Suod Khalid shot dead while trying to pray on Sunday morning (photo courtesy of SFP activist and photographer Ahmad Talat)

27 year old Ahmad Said Suod Khalid shot dead (photo courtesy of SFP activist and photographer Ahmad Talat)

Ahmad’s body being carried through Al Ein refugee camp

Ahmad’s body being carried through Al Ein refugee camp

Ahmad’s body being prayed over in the mosque

Ahmad being buried by his family in a Nablus cemetery


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